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Thames Tunnel

Steam Engine


Spinning Jenny

Slater Mill

Savery Engine

Reverberatory Furnace Diagram

James von Breda Watt

The Industrial, Scientific and Industrial Revolutions
The advent of the Age of Enlightenment provided an intellectual framework which welcomed the practical application of the growing body of scientific knowledge - a factor evidenced in the systematic development of the steam engine, guided by scientific analysis, and the development of the political and socialogical analyses, culminating in Adam Smith's "The Wealth of Nations". One of the main arguments for capitalism, presented for example in the book The Improving State of the World, is that industrialisation increases wealth for all, as evidenced by raised life expectancy, reduced working hours, and no work for children and the elderly.

Newcomens Dampf Machine

Mule Spinning Jenny

Maquina Vapor - Watt

The Lathe

Joseph Whitworth

John Fowler Traction Engine

Iron Bridge


Dore London

Crystal Palace Interior


Wright of Derby - The Orrery

Barricade - March 18, 1871

Bois du Loc

Chartist Meeting at Kennington Common



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